The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others

Exhibit 138 Two papers found in possession of Gertrud Neumann

Statement by Gertrude Neumann.

I was born on 19th February 1922 in Taucha near Leipzig.

I am a German subject and unmarried.

During the war I worked in a munition factory - first in Leipzig until May 1944, and then the factory was transferred to Morchenstern in the Sudeten Gau (South of Dresden). I was there until 9th January 1945 and on the 10th of January I was forced to join the SS

I was then sent on a course of instruction to Langenbielau. The course lasted three weeks. After the course I went back to the factory at Morchenstern. I met Klara Opitz at that time - the beginning of February.

On the 9th or 10th March the whole factory staff and internees had to move to Großwerther. I went sick there and was sent to hospital at Mittelbau, Nordhausen. I should have been operated on there, but the camp was bombed and I was sent back to Großwerther.

From Großwerther I was sent in a car to Nordhausen. From Nordhausen I was sent to Belsen and arrived there in the evening of the 11th April 1945.

At 0400 hours on 12th April we were all ordered to go to Neuengamme. At Neuengamme I met Klara Opitz again.

On the 13th I travelled back to Belsen in the same transport as Klara Opitz. I never saw Klara Opitz beat anyone.

Statement by Gertrude eumann

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