Kapo  August

Place Of Birth : Berlin
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Chief Kapo Camp 2
Died : 17/04/1945
Comments : Responsible for the death of thousands of prisoners.
Trial Location : Not Prosecuted/Unknown
Brief History

Serial criminal, one of the first to enter the concentration camp system at Dachau.

Transferred to to help build Maidanek.

Transferred to Auschwitz as the head of 300 other prisoners.

Early 1945 transferred to Ellrich in the Harz mountains due to the advancing Red Army.

Late March 1945 transferred to Bergen - Belsen Camp 2 (Bergen - Belsen barracks) on a train with 4000 other prisoners.

A couple of days after the liberation he was found hiding in a cellar in Bergen - Belsen barracks by two Russian prisoners and transferred him to MB 69. He was asked to strip and lie on the floor and he was then stoned to death by the former prisoners.

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