Auschwitz Case  Ruth Astrosini/Astrosene

Date Of Birth : 07/04/1926
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Phone Operator
Comments :
Trial : Auschwitz Case
Trial Location : Krakau 11 March 1948
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Brief History

Was present at Auschwitz.

Arrested at Bergen - Belsen 16 April 1945 and remained in Celle prison until June 1945

Interned in Fallingbostel and Padeborn Internment Camps.

Handed over to the Poles 12 December 1946

Sentenced at an Auschwitz trial in Krakau 11 March 1948 to 72 months imprisonment for ill treatment of civilians.

Imprisoned in Krakau, Graudenz and Warsaw

Released 01 June 1953.

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