Second Belsen Trial Kapo Kasimir/Kazimierz Alexander Cegielski/Rydzewski

Also Known As : Der große Kasimir
Date Of Birth : 28/07/1915
Died : 11/10/1946
Comments :
Trial : Second Belsen Trial
Trial Location : Celle and Lüneberg 16 May - 30 June 1946
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Brief History

Charged with cruelty and murder and was noted for beating and at times killing the sick and weakend prisoners with large wooden sticks or poles. While in Bergen Belsen he was having an affair with a prisoner, a young Jewish woman from Amsterdam, Henny DeHaas. He was caught 09 August 1946 when he went to Amsterdam ostensibly to find and marry DeHaas.

29 October 1945 returned to Belsen

Detained at Esterwegen

18 June 1946 sentenced to death at 2nd Belsen Trial held at Celle and Lüneburg.

The day before he was hanged he made a statement saying his real name was Kasimir Alexander Rydzewski.

0920 hrs 11 October 1946 Death sentence carried out.

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