Second Belsen Trial Oberscharführer Karl Heinrich/Heinz Reddehase

Date Of Birth : 03/05/1893
Place Of Birth : Essen
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Schuhkommandoführer / Commander Aussenlager Hambühren
Died : 11/10/1946
Comments :
Trial : Second Belsen Trial
Trial Location : Celle and Lüneberg 16 May - 30 June 1946
Brief History

Member of the NSDAP

1939 Conscripted into the S.S. as Oberscharführer

Sent to Mauthausen as a camp guard

1944 sent to Belsen Aussenkommando Waldeslust Hambühren Ovelgönne

January 1945 arrived at Bergen-Belsen

Left Bergen-Belsen before the liberation

May 1946 sentenced to death at 2nd Belsen Trial held at Celle and Lüneburg.

11 October 1946 Death sentence carried out at Hameln.

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