Second Belsen Trial Oberaufseherin Gertrud Elli Heise/Heize/Senff

Date Of Birth : 23/07/1921
Place Of Birth : Berlin
Comments :
Trial : Second Belsen Trial
Trial Location : Celle and Lüneberg 16 May - 30 June 1946
CROWCASS File Number:
Brief History

Volunteered for the SS Women's Auxiliary.

21 November 1941 arrived at Ravensbrück for training.

October 1942 transferred to Majdanek as Aufseherin.

January 1944 accompanied a transport of women to Plaszów, a small slave-labour camp on the outskirts of Kraków.

Assigned to the death march to Auschwitz Birkenau.

October 1944 guarded an evacuation train to Neuengamme.

November 1944 promoted to Oberaufseherin and transferred to Obernheide.

April 1945 she was evacuated to Bergen-Belsen.

Arrested in Hamburg in June 1945

June 1946 sentenced to 15 years imprisonment at 2nd Belsen Trial held at Celle and Lüneburg.

Sentence commuted to 7 years

Married and became Gertrud Senff.

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