First Belsen Trial Rottenführer Ladislaw Gura

Date Of Birth : 27/06/1918
Place Of Birth : Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Guard
Comments : Fell ill during trial 23 October 1945
Trial : First Belsen Trial
Trial Location : 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg 17 September - 17 November 1945
Trial Defendent Number : 17
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Brief History

15 April 1943 conscripted into the SS.

16 April 1943 transferred to Auschwitz and trained.

Employed as a driver in Auschwitz

April/May 1944 completed 8 weeks guard duty.

19 June 1944 arrested.

21 January 1945 left Auschwitz on a bicycle in the direction of Herzberg.

17 February 1945 arrived at Bergen-Belsen.

March 1945, released from arrest for one week and re arrested for attempting to send a letter to Hilde Löffler

12 April 1945 left Bergen-Belsen under guard in the direction of Neuengamme. Escaped in the evening and handed himself over to the British troops in Sülze and was arrested by them 15th April.

Contracted Typhus in May 1945 and treated in a German Military hospital in Gifhorn

17 September 1945. Stands trial at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four others' at 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg. Charged with Count 1.

23 October 1945 fell ill and was admitted to hospital.

17 November 1945. Acquitted at the trial.

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