First Belsen Trial Aufseherin Mathilde/Hilde Anna Lisiewitz/Michnia

Date Of Birth : 31/01/1922
Place Of Birth : Grünwalde
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Vegetable Kommando
Comments :
Trial : First Belsen Trial
Trial Location : 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg 17 September - 17 November 1945
Trial Defendent Number : 42
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Brief History

1939 worked in a fruit garden.

October 1940 worked for the Reichsarbeitsdienst.

March 1941 worked at a Railway Restaurant.

February 1943 sent to work in a munitions factory in Grünberg.

November 1944 conscripted into the SS at Groß-Rosen and sent for training at Langenliebau.

29 December 1944 she returned to the munitions factory at Grünberg.

29 January 1945 evacuated to Gruben arriving 02 February

07 February ordered to Bergen-Belsen.

03 March 1945 arrived Bergen-Belsen.

06 March assigned to the Wood Kommando for one day, then the Vegetable Kommando for a week.

After a day each in the Women's compound weaving and in the Entlausung, a week in the peeling department of Kitchen No. 1.

Spent three days ill before Easter Sunday, and then became ill again until the 11th April with Typhus

12 April 1945 sent to Neuengamme.

13 April 1945 returned to Bergen-Belsen.

17 September 1945. Stands trial at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four others' at 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg. Charged with Count 1.

17 November 1945. Sentenced to 1 Year Imprisonment.

Released 16 November 1946.

Married and took the name of Michnia

Has three children

2004 Makes a recorded interview for the Bergen Belsen Memorial Foundation.

2014 declines to meet Belsen survivor Tomi Reichental during the making of the documentary 'Close To Evil'. “I was prepared to meet Hilde, who had been a perpetrator and who I thought had seen the light and changed her values. I was prepared to reconcile with her and shake her hand, because in my naive thinking she was also a victim of her own time. That I did not meet Hilde was not the big letdown but rather the fact that Hilde is still stuck in the 1940s, this is what disappointed me.”

January 2015 - Hamburg social worker Hans-Jürgen Brennecke confirmed that he had filed charges through the federal prosecutor after seeing the RTÉ documentary in Lüneberg

01 February 2015 - Die Welt publishes as story containing remarks made by Michnia during an interview on 29 January 2015

March 2016 - Die Welt publishes that she will not be prosecuted. Die Welt

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