First Belsen Trial Obersturmführer Franz Hössler/Hoessler/Hößler/Hessler

Date Of Birth : 04/02/1906
Place Of Birth : Oberdorf, Germany [Comment: This could be Obersdorf or Marktoberdorf in Schwarben]
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Kommandant Camp No 2
Died : 13/12/1945
Comments :
Trial : First Belsen Trial
Trial Location : 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg 17 September - 17 November 1945
Trial Defendent Number : 5
CROWCASS File Number:
173015 / 146688
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Brief History

As an out of work photographer volunteered for the S.S. 30 January 1933, on the day Hitler came to power.

For three months stayed at home in Kenten after which he was sent to Dachau, as a member of the S.S. police force.

Arrived Auschwitz in June 1940 and left in November 1940.

Returned to Birkenau in July 1943 as Lagerführer in the women's compound.

7 February 1944 transferred to Dachau.

Returned to Auschwitz in the middle of June 1944.

With the approach of the Soviet Army, and the evacuation of Auschwitz in Jan 1945, he was reassigned to Dora and then onto Bergen-Belsen, where he assumed command of Camp No 2 at Bergen-Belsen (now Bergen-Hohne) Barracks 5 April 1945.

17 September 1945. Stands trial at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four others' at 30 Lindenstraße, Lüneburg. Charged with Count 1 and Count 2

17 November 1945. Sentenced to death by hanging.

13 December 1945. Death sentence carried out at Hameln prison.

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