Unterscharführer Wilhelm Genth

Date Of Birth : 1894
Place Of Birth : Mannheim
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Medic
Comments :
Trial Location : Hannover LG 630410
Brief History

Musician who served as a medical orderly during the Great War

1934 joined the SA

July 1938 was a member of the S.S.

September 1939 - Dachau

November 1940 entred concentration camp service

Servered in labour camps in France and Luxembourg

End of 1943 transferred to Oranienburg to complete an advanced course for medical orderlies, after which he was sent to Majdanek.

15 January 1944 transferred to Vaivara in Estonia and was appointed Lagerleiter in addition to chief medical orderly

September 1944 transferred to Neuengamme

Arrived at Bergen Belsen with an evacuation march from KL Hannover-Stöcken circa 08 April 1945.

Prosecuted at LG Hannover 630410 Case Number 549 for 'Shooting three exhausted prisoners during the 07 April 1945 evacuation march from KL Hannover-Stöcke to KL Bergen-Belsen'. Convicted to 3 1/2 years imprisonment.

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