Oberst Karl Harries

Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Commander Bergen-Belsen barracks
Died : April/May 1945
Comments : Brokered the truce between the SS and the British Army
Trial Location : Not Applicable
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Brief History

Commander of Bergen - Belsen Barracks (Now Bergen - Hohne) and was partly responsible for brokering the truce that led to the handover of Bergen - Belsen to the British Army.

June 1945 - A German soldier reports to Captain Sington that Harries, upon rejoining the German forces, had been shot for treachery and cowardice in ceding Belsen to the enemy without a fight.[33]

Harries led the German/Hungarian guard battalion back across the Elbe and then went into captivity in Schleswig-Holstein after the surrender.[36]

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