Obersturmführer Hermann Campe

Date Of Birth : 08/11/1910
Place Of Birth : Köbbelitz
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Schutzhaftlagerführer
Died : August 1945
Comments :
Trial Location : Not Prosecuted/Unknown
CROWCASS File Number:
Brief History

S.S. Membership Number 49126

1934, served in KZ Sachsenburg as a guard.

September 1941 Sachsenhausen.

1943 Dachau.

Arrived at Bergen-Belsen from Natzweiler 15 April 1943.

Transferred to Buchenwald 25 March 1944

February/March 1945 posted to 10 'Frundsberg' S.S. Panzer Division to fight on the Eastern front.

At some point promoted to Obersturmfuhrer

Metz, France - Sentenced to death in absentia

Arrested in June 1945 and sentenced to death by a Soviet Military Tribunal

Death sentence carried out middle of August 1945

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