Nordhausen Hauptprozess US vs Kurt Andrae et al. – Case 000-50-37 Hauptsturmführer Ernst Heinrich (Dr) Schmidt

Date Of Birth : 27/03/1912
Place Of Birth : Altenburg
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Medical Officer Camp 2
Died : 28/11/2000 Celle
Comments :
Trial : Nordhausen Hauptprozess US vs Kurt Andrae et al. – Case 000-50-37
Trial Location : Nordhausen Hauptprozess 07 August - 30 December 1947
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Brief History

Qualified Medical Doctor 1937 at the University of Leipzig.

1939 worked as a Dr for the troops of Lubin POW camp.

Joined the S.S. as a Medical Officer in July 1941.

S.S. Membership Number 23069

NSDAP Number 555294

1941 - Doctor at an Anti Aircraft Battery in Weinau.

1941 - June 1942 Lagerarzt in KZ Buchenwald.

June 1942 - October 1943 in KZ Majdanek

October 1943 - September 1944 was the first Lagerarzt in Groß Rosen

September or October 1944 left Groß Rosen for Dachau

March 1945 until beginning April 1945 Lagerarzt in Außenlager Boelkekaserne of KZ Mittelbau in Nordhausen.

Arrived Bergen-Belsen Barracks (now Bergen-Hohne) 08 or 09 April 1945.

Left Bergen-Belsen 12 April 1945 for Neuengamme and returned 14 April 1945.

After liberation he was in charge of the hospital in Camp 3.

Appeared as a defence witness for Eric Barsch 25 October 1945 at the 'Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'.

Appeared as a defendant in the Nordhausen Hauptprozess (US vs Kurt Andrae et al. – Case 000-50-37) and acquitted

Arrested 26 November 1975 and was defendant in the Landgericht Düsseldorf Majdanek process. Acquitted 20 March 1979 and on 19 April 1979 released from prison.

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