Unterscharführer Wilhelm Pott

Date Of Birth : 05/12/1912
Position Within Bergen-Belsen : Political Department
Died : 23/04/1945
Comments :
Trial Location : Not Prosecuted/Unknown
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Brief History

Before the war he was a member of SS Tötenkopfstandarte Oberbayern.

September 1939 mobilized into the SS Tötenkopf Infantry Regiment 1, Tötenkopf Infantry Division.

Participated in the Westfeldzug offensive in May - June 1940.

Summer 1940 transferred to the KL Flossenburg.

Spring 1942 transferred to KL Niederhagen.

April 1943 KL Niederhagen is closed and Pott is transferred to Bergen - Belsen.

11 April 1945 accompanies 'The lost transport'.

During the journey an eyewitness reports him taking a prisoner into the forest and coming back alone.

After a 14 day journey across Germany the train was liberated 23 April 1945 by the Russians near Tröbitz.

22/23 April 1945 he leaves the train prior to liberation.

23 April 1945 killed by a shot to the head, probably by advancing Soviet troops, and buried in Saxdorf.

Reburied In Lausitz.

1946 his remains are re - transferred to his home town.

Many thanks to Jehuda Gelber for supplying some of this information

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