Neuengamme Trial Aufseherin Gertrud(e) Reinhold/Rheinholt/Brätigam

Date Of Birth : 07/12/1922
Place Of Birth : Thierenberg
Comments : Witness at the 1st Belsen Trial
Trial : Neuengamme Trial
Trial Location : East Germany 10 September 1946
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Brief History

Joined the S.S. Aufseherinen service 01 July 1944.

09 October 1944 Stutthof.

11 October 1944 transferred to Stuttof Außenarbeitslager Schippenbeil.

Evacuated from Bromberg.

Arrived Bergen-Belsen between 20 - 25 February 1945.

Admitted to hospital 10th March 1945 and released on the 29th March.

Was interned in Lüneburg prison after the liberation.

Appeared as a defence witness for Herta Bothe 29 October 1945.

Convicted in an East German court 10 September 1946 and sentenced to 2 years inprisonment

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